How do I provide my game logs?

by Intrepid Studios

As we continue with playtesting, we may require user log information to track down issues. To find the log data:

  1. Open location where Apocalypse was installed.
    • By default: C:\Program Files\Intrepid Studios, Inc\Apocalypse
    • To find the location: Type Apocalypse in Search Bar, right-click "Ashes of Creation Apocalypse" app and select "Open File Location". Right-click shortcut in the resulting window and right-click and "Open File Location" again.
  2. Copy all logs within the .patcher\logging folder and save them in your documents or desktop.
    • Also Helpful: Copy and save all logs within %localappdata%\APOC\Saved\Logs
  3. Send us the files you saved. If in a support ticket, attach the files to your email.
  4. To initiate a repair, delete the .patcher folder entirely and restart the game, login, wait for the process to complete.