Optimizing game performance

by Intrepid Studios

If you've checked that your system meets the minimum system requirements and you're looking to optimize game performance, here are some additional steps you can take:

1) Update graphics drivers

Keeping your graphics drivers up-to-date is a good way to make sure you have the most stable gaming experience.

For instructions on how to download the latest drivers for your graphics card, check the manufacturer websites below:

AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/support 

NVIDIA: https://www.geforce.com/drivers 


2) Reduce graphics settings

There are several in-game options you can adjust and lower in order to address performance issues. 

  • Launch the game from the Launcher
  • Select "Settings" from the in-game menu
  • Select the "Video" options tab
  • You can adjust the following settings to optimize game performance:
    • Display Resolution: Lowering your resolution may improve performance.
    • Frame Rate Limit: Limiting your frame rate may improve performance (note that "0" means no frame rate limit is in place).
    • Quality Options: Setting your effects, texture, and other quality options to "Low" may improve performance.
    • View Distance Quality: Lowering your view distance quality to "Near" may improve performance.
  • Apply your Settings changes, confirm, and exit the menu.