How do I uninstall the old version of Ashes of Creation Apocalypse?

by Intrepid Studios

To prepare for upcoming testing, you'll need to uninstall the old test launcher.

If you downloaded via Intrepid Website:

  1. Go to the Windows Apps & Features menu and locate “Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse” from the list of programs.
  2. Left-click it and select the Uninstall option.

If you downloaded via Steam:

  1. Go to your Steam Library and locate “Ashes of Creation Apocalypse Open Beta” from your library list.
    •  testing123.PNG
  2. Right-click it and select “Uninstall”
  3. You’ll get a pop-up window to confirm, click “Delete” to confirm the uninstall.
    • areyousure_deletesteam.JPG
  4. That’s it! It may still show up on your library list, but will be greyed out since it’s no longer installed on your computer.


Important, please note: If you have a very old version of the game client (from February 2019 or earlier), the launcher can't be uninstalled through your usual program settings.

At the moment, you will need to delete your game folder manually in order to completely uninstall the game. Navigate to the location where you installed the game and remove the entire folder - the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Intrepid Studios, Inc.

If you receive an Error 34 when trying to log in, you may still have old files. Follow the steps below to remove them:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Type %localappdata% in the address bar
  3. Delete the folder labeled APOC

If you need any help removing the files, please reach out to our support team for assistance!